2010 Report: Team Sarcoma / Trucking for Sarcoma

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Trucking for SarcomaTrucking for Sarcoma
Every day: July 17th- 25th
The Eastern Seaboard & Ohio Valley Regions of the United States

About 450 people participated in the first “Trucking for Sarcoma” event, which was organized and hosted by the GIST Cancer Awareness Foundation (GCAF).

“Trucking for Sarcoma” was held during International Sarcoma Awareness Week 2010. All drivers from Marine Transport Company helped raise awareness of Sarcoma with “Sarcoma Knows No Borders” placards on their trucks. They handed out 800 brochures detailing information about Sarcoma, and in particular, Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor. The drivers covered over 160,000 miles during the week driving throughout the East Coast, Ohio Valley and Chicago metro regions.

The Trucking for Sarcoma event raised $30,000 !!!

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2009 Team Sarcoma / Emily’s Lemonade Stand for Sarcoma

UPDATE: More than 100 people made donations for lemonade and bracelets at Emily’s Lemonade Stand in Jonesville and Norton, Virginia.

Inspired by Alex’s Lemonade Stand for childhood cancer, Emily Ward and her mom of Pennington Gap, Virginia, are setting up lemonade stands for sarcoma. In addition to dispensing lemonade to visitors, they will hand out “Sarcoma Facts” sheets and make “Sarcoma Knows No Borders” bracelets available. All donations, large and small, will be used to support sarcoma research. Please stop by Emily’s Lemonade Stand for Sarcoma and visit Emily and her mom:

July 22nd starting at Noon in Jonesville, Virginia
Wal-Mart Supercenter (Store #3772)
Rr #2, Box 3160 in Jonesville

July 23rd starting at Noon in Norton, Virginia
Norton Wal-Mart Supercenter (Store #1302)
780 Commonwealth Drive in Norton

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2007 Team Sarcoma / Sarcoma Foundation of America

Matthew Alsante, executive director of the Sarcoma Foundation of America (SFA) was proud to participate in this year’s Team Sarcoma event by hosting a small neighborhood walk in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The group may have been small, but with the support of some great neighbors and Frank Burroughs of the Abigail Alliance, planning started for a much larger local event next year and an active effort by SFA State Chapters around the country to support the growing passion that is Team Sarcoma. Everyone at the SFA would like to thank and congratulate the efforts of Bruce Shriver, the Liddy Shriver Initiative and everyone who participated in Team Sarcoma. It is a wonderful way to build awareness and increase the spirit of everyone working together to improve the lives of sarcoma patients and families. Our hats off to everyone who has helped make a difference!

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