2009 Report: Team Sarcoma Facebook Event


July 18-26, 2009
On Facebook Pages Around the World

During International Sarcoma Awareness Week, 2958 people spread the word about sarcoma using their Facebook pages. Participants posted pictures, shared experiences, created signs, and even posted poetry to increase sarcoma awareness. They stopped by the Facebook Event Page and wrote inspiring, heartfelt messages about facing sarcoma. They honored their loved ones and wrote about their own struggles.  This online activity added a new level of comraderie and support to the Team Sarcoma Initiative, and we look forward to continuing it next year!

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2009 Team Sarcoma Facebook Event


2009 Team SarcomaJuly 18-26, 2009
On Facebook Pages Around the Globe

Click to see pictures and read the results from this event!

“Just Do One Thing” to Increase Sarcoma Awareness!
July 18-26 is International Sarcoma Awareness Week. Wouldn’t it be great if a bunch of people on Facebook spread the word about sarcoma during that week? Well, that’s what this event is about! You are invited to “just do one thing” to increase sarcoma awareness on Facebook from July 18-26. It’s easy!

  1. RSVP that you are going to “attend” the Facebook event
    (there is an RSVP button on the side of our Facebook Event Page).
  2. We’ll send you a reminder in July.
  3. Then choose from the options below to participate!

Of course, you might want to do more than one thing. We’ll leave that up to you. :-) Here is a list. Remember, you only have to choose one!

  • Donate your status for at least one day from July 18-26 in support of Team Sarcoma. Your status message can be fun, serious, creative, or straightforward. So, for example, your status message could be: It’s International Sarcoma Awareness Week: http://www.team-sarcoma.net/
  • Use a “Team Sarcoma Sticker” as your profile picture at least one day during July 18-26.
  • Share “A Forgotten Cancer” video on your wall during July 18-26.
  • Invite your friends to join the Team Sarcoma group on Facebook.
  • Use Facebook to let your friends know about a local event and see if they’ll join you there.
  • Post something about your experience with sarcoma on your Wall with a link to http://team-sarcoma.net

That’s it! Want to join us? Just RSVP on this page! :-)

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