2010 Report: Team Sarcoma / Lithuania

Sarcoma Knows No Borders. Fly Dream Believe!
July 24th at Noon
Panevezys Airodrome

Rolld (Rare Onco Diseases Patients Association) invited cancer patients and people close to them to spend a half day together to celebrate International Sarcoma Awareness Week. It was a great event where we all shared good emotions.

There were 45 participants in the event including doctors, patients and their supporters and women from the breast cancer association “Eivena”.

The event started at 12 am in Pociunai Aerodrome area. All guests were asked to bring some healthy food for the picnic where everybody shared their dishes and recipes. After a short welcoming speech and some snack we all were invited to look around in the aerodrome. Instructors presented gliders for us, told us how they fly, and introduced us to the club there. After the presentation everyone who wanted to have a flight in a 4 seat plane were invited to do it. We had a “bird flight” in the area. After great fun all came back to the picnic place and then we had two lectures. One was about Ayurveda science given by an Ayurveda specialist, another lecture was given by a doctor about nutrition while having chemotherapy. Everyone could ask questions and share their own experiences.

After a big thanks to everyone who joined the event and for all who helped with it, we all went home. An independent artists recorded the event and made a nice movie about it. This event gave a lot of positive emotions: some had the first flight; some fought their fear of heights or flying;  and we made new friends, shared our experiences and had fun together. The event let us Fly, Dream and Believe that all will be good!

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2009 Report: Sarcoma Week in Lithuania

Sarcoma Week in Lithuania attracted 380 participants to several events in two of Lithuania’s largest cities. These events were organized by local NGO – Rare Cancer Patients advocacy group “ROLLD” as a part of International Sarcoma awareness week on 18-26 July.

The week commenced with two awareness events in Vilnius and Kaunas. Leaflets were handed out to the public, and a concert of local artists took place in Kaunas. Sasha Song, an artist who represented Lithuania in this year’s Eurovision song contest, presented “Cancer Song,” a piece composed especially for Sarcoma week.

Other activities included kite workshops, hot air baloon flying and photo exhibitions. These playful events brought together many people from different walks of life, both having sarcoma and totally unaware of the condition prior to these events, which were the first of their kind in our country. Public Affairs Officer Mr. William A. James from the US embassy in Lithuania briefly visited our event in Vilnius.

In addition to increasing awareness, Sarcoma Week in Lithuania included events oriented towards the needs of people with that condition and doctors treating such patients. July 22nd was the day dedicated to people with sarcoma. Discussions took place on the disease and the psychological issues of dealing with it. Finally, a conference was organized for doctors in one of most respected clinics in Lithuania on sarcoma early diagnostics and treatment.

Although 2009 saw the seventh International Sarcoma Awareness Week, it was only the first in our country. Organizers tried their best to make the events both fun and useful for everyone involved and hope to make the week another good tradition in Lithuania.

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2009 Team Sarcoma / Lithuania

Team Sarcoma / Lithuania will hold several exciting events during International Sarcoma Awareness Week.

Photo project: “Hello, my name is Sarcoma”
July 17-26
Purpose – to create a “face of sarcoma”. Photographers will work together with sarcoma patients all week to make pictures. There is a plan to create a DVD album of these pictures. A documentary will also be filmed during the week.

Kite Day
July 18th from 11:00 a.m. until Evening
A large event will take place in the center of Vilnius near the river Neris (White Bridge). A kite will be a symbol of a free mind. Also a Lithuanian version of cancer song (our pop stars) will be presented during this event.

Patients day
July 22nd from 1 p.m. until 7 p.m.
Location: Art Gallery “Arka”, Ausros vartu 7, Vilnius, Lithuania

Different types of therapy for dealing with the psychological impact of sarcoma will be presented to patients (art therapy, yoga, poetry therapy). Lithuanian well known priest Ricardas Doveika will attend this event and have a discussion with patients.

A conference for doctors
July 23rd

A multidisciplinary view of sarcoma – a conference for oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, palliative care specialists and plastic surgeons. The preliminary program includes:

  • Sarcoma epidemiology data in Lithuania 2004 – 2009
  • Ewing sarcoma case report
  • Osteosarcoma case report
  • Soft tissue sarcoma treatment methodics for Lituania
  • Target therapy in sarcoma treatment
  • Sarcoma histological types
  • Molecular sarcoma diagnostics
  • Surgical bone sarcoma treatment

For more information, contact Dr. Kristina Andrekute.

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