2010 Report: Team Sarcoma / Kentucky – Swinging for Sarcoma

The David Dearinger Memorial “Swinging for Sarcoma” Charity Golf Scramble
July 17th at 2:00 p.m.
Florence, Kentucky

The Swinging for Sarcoma golf outing in memory of David Dearinger was a great event honoring a wonderful man for a cause that was very near and dear to his heart – sarcoma awareness. This event had 44 golfing participants with an additional 17 participants joining us for the dinner that followed.

The weather was HOT with extreme high humidity, but midway through the day when the heat had gotten the best of all of us, David blessed us with a nice cooling rain shower. Following the rain the skies above us couldn’t have been more beautiful.

This occasion was a true testament to the kind of man David was. The day was full of heavy hearts as we all miss him so, but with that came amazing memories that we all shared and were comforted by. It was an honor participating in The David Dearinger Memorial, Swinging for Sarcoma Charity Golf Scramble. We all are very pleased to assist in helping live out David’s dream of finding a cure for sarcoma so that no one else suffer from this horrific disease as he did.

In David’s famous words, “SARCOMA SUCKS!”


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2009 Report: Team Sarcoma / Kentucky – Swinging for Sarcoma

July 18, 2009
Florence, Kentucky

Team Sarcoma / Swinging for Sarcoma in Florence, Kentucky, was a huge success. July in Kentucky is typically 90+ degrees with extreme high humidity, but Saturday was a cool, overcast 72 degrees. It was perfect golf weather, and perfect for David, the co-host, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for his 6th sarcoma reccurrence. Luckily, because of Saturday’s ideal weather blessing, David was able to join in the fun. It was a true treat to have him along to see the event become the success he hoped it would be. Success indeed it was!!!

We had 144 golfers attend and 30 more people join for dinner afterward. To date, our event raised $5,612.22!!! Everyone who attended was presented with a “Sarcoma Knows No Borders” bracelet, a Team Sarcoma tri-fold pamphlet, and luminaries to light each evening this week in honor of sarcoma patients, caregivers and those who we have lost to this horrific cancer.

This was a day full of love, support and an overwhelming feeling of pride. David and I look forward to making this an annual event as we have the Global Luminary event. Thanks to those who participated!!! We are truly honored to be a part of Team Sarcoma.

Learn more in the original event announcement.

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2009 Team Sarcoma / Sarcoma Slayers Ltd.


Sarcoma Songfest & Fare
July 19, 2009
Floyd Knobs, Indiana
(near Louisville, KY)

More than 160 people participated in the Sarcoma Songfest and Fare, featuring music live music, dinner and a live auction. This first event brought in over $9,000 through the generous and supportive people in attendance on Sunday, July 19 in Floyds Knobs, Indiana.

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2009 Team Sarcoma / International Luminary


UPDATE: About 200 people lit candles in the International Luminary Event throughout International Sarcoma Awareness Week.

Everyone around the world is invited to participate in this very special event.  As a part of Team Sarcoma, David and Amy Dearinger of Independence, Kentucky, will send a luminary to your home to light each evening of International Sarcoma Awareness Week.

This will be the second year the Dearinger’s have hosted such an event. In 2008 this event not only raised $1,440.00 for research funding, but it also brought much needed awareness to this underfunded and extremely rare, aggressive cancer. The luminaries are lit in memory of those we have lost to sarcoma, and in honor of those battling this horrific cancer, as well as their caregivers.

If you would like to participate in this event, simply email the Dearingers with your request. Dave and Amy will  gladly send each member of your family a luminary to illuminate each evening of this very special week. All they ask is that you make a donation direct to The Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative. Every cent counts and there isn’t any donation too small or too large.

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2009 Team Sarcoma / Kentucky – Swinging for Sarcoma

Swinging for Sarcoma
July 18th at 2:00 p.m.
Florence, Kentucky

Please join Team Dearinger in our quest to start off the International Sarcoma Awareness Week with a huge success. We will be golfing at Boone Links Golf Course on 19 Clubhouse Drive in  Florence, Kentucky, on July 18th at 2:00 p.m.

Sarcoma is a very rare and aggressive cancer. Due to its rarity, there is very limited research funding. To date, there is NO CURE for this cancer.  It is our goal to raise awareness and funds for further research, all the while having a BLAST embracing life to the fullest.

$80.00 per golfer includes the following…

  • 18 holes (scramble style golf)
  • Cart
  • Dinner
  • Beverages
  • “Sarcoma Knows No Borders” Bracelet

A minimum of $25.00 from each entry fee will be a tax deductable donation made direct to the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative. Everyone is welcome, golfers and non-golfers!!! Fun will be had by ALL!

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2008 Team Sarcoma / Kentucky

Team Sarcoma / KentuckyDuring the International Sarcoma Awareness week 2008, David and Amy Dearinger of Independence, KY, held a “Light up Sarcoma” luminary event. David and Amy are first-time participants in the Sarcoma Initiative. David was diagnosed with an unknown form of Soft Tissue Sarcoma of the lung at the age of 30 in July, 2007. His cancer metastasized to the brain that October. In April, 2008 David completed both Radiation and Chemotherapy, and is doing remarkably well. The success of David’s treatments inspired this couple to do something in order to give back. This is when they decided on the luminary event.

During Team Dearinger: Light up Sarcoma, David and Amy recruited nearly 60 participants and distributed over 75 luminaries that were illuminated each evening of that week. This event generated $1,440 in donations for sarcoma research, and also raised a great deal of the much-needed recognition for this rare and horrific cancer.

The Dearingers are planning on making the Luminary event an international annual occasion, and are also hosting a golf outing at a local golf course near their home next year. This outing is called Swinging for Sarcoma and will be held on July 18th, 2009. Each player will be donating $25.00 to the Sarcoma Initiative, and there will also be other fundraisers occurring during that day while at the course to further their efforts in raising the much needed funding.

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