2010 Report: Team Sarcoma/ Hannah’s Chance Foundation – Surf Event


2010 Team Sarcoma AustraliaTeam Sarcoma Tag Team Surf Challenge
Palm Beach Surf Club in Queensland , Australia
July 25, 2010, from 7:00am- Late

After creating two wonderful and successful events for Team Sarcoma Awareness Week we were all ready for the weekend, sleep in a little, relax a little and enjoy reading the paper on Sunday morning …but wait… this was no ordinary Sunday morning, it was the much anticipated TAG surf event raising funds and awareness for Sarcoma.

The team was up and moving at 6am with volunteers hurriedly unpacking cars, erecting tents, hanging posters and banners for all to see at the beach entrance via the Palm Beach Surf Club. It was get up and go, go, go, there was kids races and treasure hunts to be sorted, prizes to be selected for the best sand castle makers and of course the exciting raffle items to be displayed. There were Wahu packs, t-shirts, balls, caps, frisbees and the list goes on. Unit donated t-shirts, caps, posters and vouchers, as described to me by a teenage member of the surf crew the posters were of an artistic nature and he could appreciate nature when displayed in this manner, I think the nature of his appreciation was called Kim and she was very beautiful.

The event was due to start at 8am with most competitors there by 7.30. You were greeted at the entrance with a visual display of color, merchandise, banners and posters where everywhere and you had to walk past the ever aromatic smell of sizzling sausages, onions and bacon and eggs for breakfast on the BBQ. When you needed something sweet there were cupcakes especially made for the event. Lunch was sausage sandwiches and delicious nachos made by Stag Chili with sour cream, all donated for the event.

The surfers in the competition arrived with boards underarms, wetsuits over shoulders and most with the infectious feeling of anticipation, they are smiling and saying hi to everyone as they enter but really they are saying “Just let me get to the water, I want to check out the surf, I can hear the ocean calling me”.

Ritchie Lovett, Hannahs Chance Ambassador and surfing legend, flew from Sydney to be a compare at the event. In 2006 Ritchie was diagnosed with bone cancer, he spoke of his journey and gives inspiration to those who listen. Ritchie has retired from surfing but his story continues to inspire people from all walks of life, he praised the efforts of all the participants, judges and surfers for creating awareness of sarcoma.

The Palm Beach Surf Club offered the use of its facilities for the day and accommodated all our needs. Terry “Tappa” Teece was the compare for the events, he introduced the judges and the teams and kept us all on focus with scores and who was running for their teams. There were 90 competitors in all and five teams, Alley Boardriders, Burleigh Boardriders, Kirra Boardriders, MNM Boardriders and Palm Beach Boardriders. Once the introductions were made they were off and surfing.

Clean, two-foot waves washed up to the sand, set after set. The waves were of grommet size so it meant everyone in the team could have a go, perfect. Some of the bigger surfers had to show off their skill on the smaller waves to earn their points but in true surfer style all surfed with their passion for the sport spurring them on.

The Wolfe Family donated the ornate carved wooden trophy for the winning team. The Alley Boardriders won this event for the second year in a row, there was some friendly jostling amongst the surfers after the awards were handed out with comments of “Yeah yeah we will win next year, it was just a fluke and the gimp suit has to make an appearance every week”. The scores were very close with The Alley 1st, Burleigh 2nd, MNM 3rd, Palm Beach 4th and Kirra 5th.

The weather was changeable throughout the day, when the sun shone it was hot, then a cool wind would blow to cool you down, perfect for spectating at the beach.

Towards the end of the day all participants were asked to go down to the beach and stand in a certain area, after everyone was in place a helicopter flew over to take an aerial photo of the beach. A human Sarcoma sign was made on the beach with all hands raised in the air with sarcoma bands on show, absolutely awesome.

The surfers surfed, the kids played, the spectators were entertained, glancing around the surf club you could feel real community spirit with both the sarcoma and the surf teams vowing that next year will be bigger and better.

What a great day for Team Sarcoma.

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2010 Report: Team Sarcoma / Australia – Grand Round Lecture Presentation

Grand Round Lecture Presentation
July 26, 2010 at 12:00 Noon
Melbourne, Australia

This Grand Round presentation was chaired by Dr Jayesh Desai at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. There were approximately 80 – 90 attendees, and many questions were asked by the engaged audience. The presentations this year were from Dr Catherine Mitchell, histopathologist (Through the Looking Glass: The complexities of molecular pathology in relation to Sarcoma diagnosis) and also Asst. Prof. David Thomas (AYAK Study Presentation).

As a group, we also organised for a “raise an awareness campaign” to GP’s. A fax out went to all GP’s on the register in Victoria highlighting International Sarcoma week with links to The Victorian Govn Framework Document, that outlines Best practise in relation to Sarcoma Diagnosis and Referral, as well as Liddy Shriver and ASSG websites. In addition a short newspaper article was taken up by the electronic GP networks and published in all areas across the state.

On the local level in the nursing area, meetings were held to further strengthen and collaborate amongst the various groups that link , surgical, chemotherapy and radiation oncology groups. An action plan formed for further continue education sessions and collaboration as agreed upon.

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2010 Report: Team Sarcoma / Hannah’s Chance Foundation – Luncheon


Butterfly Ladies Luncheon
Gold Coast, Australia
91 Participants helped make this event happen
$1,100.00 was raised for research

In an upmarket café on the seaside, 35 excited ladies met for a ladies luncheon. There were many new smiling faces, and of course some friendly familiar ones. All were anticipating the day’s events. The café looks out to a park that leads you to the beautiful Kirra beach, and the backdrop is the Surfers Paradise silhouette. The water glistened for us and the sun shone all day.

The Café Fresh was eagerly awaiting our arrival, with the staff ready to help make it special. On the table we had butterfly vase centrepieces and potpourri gifts for all diners, as well as our Hannah’s Chance gift bags with discount vouchers and business cards included.

The ladies came in pairs and groups, and there were many comments on the decorations upon entry. “Gorgeous, pretty and fantastic” were words used by many. The hypnotic tones of Sassy Blue played in the background creating a very relaxing ambiance. The entrées were served during the speech on Sarcoma Awareness. Each place setting had a placemat with information on sarcoma, and we were directed to take a moment to read them. The main course was an array of gourmet style food; there were only compliments on the food heard around the table. After the entrées, Sassy Blue played again – much to our delight.

After lunch we had many raffle items to get through. That was when the fun really started, with one table winning more than another and some crying foul, but all in good fun and in the spirit of the day. We had jewellery, wine, facials, a tea gift box, cuisinarts, lolly jars, lingerie, exercise vouchers and many more items.

The ambiance was so great that no one wanted to leave, so we sat after the meal as long as possible to enjoy our surroundings. Many conversations were heard, with one person telling another about someone they knew with cancer and so on. In the right setting people will tell complete strangers their life story, and that is what this event was like, with open and honest conversations about a common topic, sarcoma. If people are talking, then hopefully they are listening too!

Hannah's Chance Foundation - Ladies Luncheon

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2010 Report: Team Sarcoma / Australia – Canberra

“Stroll for Sarcoma” Fun Walk
Sunday 25th July 2010 at 11:00 am
Canberra, Australia

The Stroll for Sarcoma event, organised by the Sarah-Grace Sarcoma Foundation, was held on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, in Lennox Gardens, on a sunny Canberra day. The event was held on Sunday the 25th 2010, to coincide with the International Sarcoma Awareness Week.

There were 150 registrations with about 200 people in attendance. We were joined by a local celebrity, Jane Turner (Kath from the TV series Kath and Kim), who led the walk. The ambiance was festive, with balloons, a quartet singing for sarcoma, families strolling together, and a traditional Australian sausage sizzle at the end of the walk. The event was covered in a local news story.

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2010 Report: Team Sarcoma / Butterfly Dinner Dance


July 17, 2010
Queensland, Australia

The Butterfly Dinner Dance was a truly memorable evening. A beige function room was transformed into a butterfly paradise, the room came alive with butterfly decorations themed in black, silver and pink. Beautiful pink ambient lighting was everywhere, every wall had a feature on it be it lights, posters/banners or a slideshow, all of which were dedicated to Sarcoma Awareness. When you walked into the room you truly felt as though you were a part of something special.

It started with enchanted singing from a choir as we dined on elegant entrees followed by a sumptuous main course and then a very naughty and decadent dessert. Two bands played throughout the evening that rocked the dance floor. As entertainment our own local Dame Edna Everage made a very big, impromptu appearance which was a delight for the crowd, she sung hey big spender to get the crowd in the mood for the auction. We had an auctioneer who made it so much fun that you were scared to lift your glass or leave the room, he made sure all of the auction items went for high prices.

We wanted people have a great time but remember why they were there, awareness. We succeeded. A true feeling of community spirit was achieved with many people wanting to help out for next years events, ideas were coming in thick and fast. Our Team Sarcoma community base is spreading as we spread the word and create awareness. In the fight against sarcoma, we have but one goal and together we can win.

2010 Butterfly Dinner Dance

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2009 Report – Team Sarcoma / Australia – Portland

Public Head and Beard Shave for Sarcoma
July 20, 2009, in Portland, Victoria, Australia

Colin White renamed his business (normally known as the Kokopelli Kafe & Ice Bar) “Team Sarcoma” during International Sarcoma Awareness Week.  And on Monday, July 20th, he hosted a dinner and shaving challenge to benefit sarcoma research. Even though Colin was the only person to have his head and beard shaved that night, more than 50 people enjoyed the event and made donations. All proceeds from the night, plus donation tins located throughout Portland, were donated to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute in Melbourne. To read both news articles written about the event, click here.

The event was dedicated to Paul Alexander Fraser, who lost his life to Sarcoma Cancer on 20th July, 2008 (aged 31), at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute in Melbourne.


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