The 2010 Team Sarcoma Everyday Heroes Competition

l Everyday Heroes

Everyone who has dealt with sarcoma knows a hero or two. Heroes support, encourage and inspire us in extraordinary ways. Just when we need them most, they are there. They challenge us, comfort us, and give us hope.

In early 2010, we invited everyone affected by sarcoma to tell us about their heroes. We received more than 100 touching tributes from 9 countries about people who have made a difference. From June through August, a new selection was published daily on the Everyday Heroes page.

As a part of the competition, eight heroes were chosen to receive special honors.

Doreen Kossove1st Place Award: Doreen Kossove
$3,000 has been donated to leiomyosarcoma research in Doreen’s honor.

Alison writes: “Doreen Kossove was multi-faceted, a scholar, scientist, mother, educator, and my dear friend. She encouraged people to advocate for themselves and provided thoughtful and accurate help online through the ACOR list and privately, extending the lives of hundreds of people.”

Odile Espesset2nd Place Award: Odile Espesset
$2,000 has been donated to synovial sarcoma research in Odile’s honor.

Elodie writes: “After my diagnosis, my mom crossed the ocean and border control on her own and became our shopper, cook, cleaning lady, my 4-months-old son’s baby-sitter, my driver and my nurse. She had to learn how to drive on American roads, how to read American directions, how to communicate without words….”

Logan Brasic3rd Place Award: Logan Alexander Brasic
$1,000 has been donated to osteosarcoma research in Logan’s honor.

Lori writes: “Throughout treatment and beyond, Logan has traded in his inability to play soccer with ways to enhance soccer skills of the children from our small rural area. Last year, he really turned a corner when, at our Team Sarcoma event, Logan proudly reclaimed his place in the net and played goalie once again!”

Honorable Mention: Kenji Matsumoto
$500 has been donated to Ewing’s sarcoma research in Kenji’s honor.

Honorable Mention: Precious Synamun Foster
$500 has been donated to angiosarcoma research in Precious’ honor.

Honorable Mention: Leigh Webb
$500 has been donated to Ewing’s sarcoma research in Leigh’s honor.

Honorable Mention: Keaton Lee
$500 has been donated to osteosarcoma research in Keaton’s honor.

Honorable Mention: Marina Symcox
$500 has been donated to GIST research in Marina’s honor.

The Everyday Heroes Competition was created and coordinated by volunteers of the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative. We would like to thank everyone who participated, including all of the volunteers who helped to make this project such a success.

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