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Report on the 2008 International Sarcoma Awareness Week Events organized by Tianjin Cancer Hospital
By Drs. Jin Zhang and Jilong Yang
Department of Bone and Soft Tissue Tumor

Under the leadership of President Hao Xishan and Wang Ping, supported by Departments of Communication, Medicine, out-patient diagnosis, Nursing, and Bone and Soft Tissue Tumor, the 2008 International Sarcoma Awareness Week Events, with the theme of ‘Sarcoma Knows no borders’, was carried out successfully from July 14-20, 2008.

This week-long event was initiated and supported by the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative, led by Dr. Jin Zhang, and Dr. Jilong Yang. From July 14th to 20th, we organized a number of activities including consultations, seminars, poster display, and a health-care lecture. The participants include sarcoma patients and their family members, doctors, nurses, and reporters from different media outlets. All together there were more than 650 participants. Among them there were more than 560 patients.

There were three major activities in this event.

1. The 2008 International Sarcoma Awareness Week – Sarcoma Knows No borders
This event was held in the conference room of the Department of Bone and Soft Tissue Tumor of Tianjin Cancer Hospital. Participants of 60 or so people included current in-patients, new patients and patients who are in remission, as well as doctors and nurses. The goal of this meeting was to increase awareness of “Sarcoma Knows No borders.” At this event, the sarcoma patients all wore wrist-bands and took a hand-in-hand picture.

2. Physical examinations for bone and soft-tissue sarcomas.
During the seven days between July 14th-20th, about 250 bone and soft-tissue sarcoma patients received examination at the Department of Bone and Soft-tissue Sarcoma at Tianjin Cancer Hospital. Doctors examined patients and provided clinical diagnosis and prognosis and suggestions for therapeutic plans. The doctors also provided patients general information regarding sarcoma.

3. Seminars and poster display on sarcoma and health-care lecture.
A series of posters about sarcoma knowledge were displayed in the hall of the Tianjin Cancer Hospital. Pamphlets were also distributed at the same locations. During the week, the doctors from Tianjin Cancer Hospital presented seminars about the cause, disease characteristics, diagnosis, and treatment of sarcoma to enhance the awareness of this disease.

On July 17, a health-care lecture about sarcoma was given by Dr. Zhang Jin in out-patient. There were 50 people attending the seminar. Many of the participators showed great interest in learning more about sarcoma and sarcoma awareness events. After the seminars, Prof. Zhang answered participants’ questions.

During the week, we also had materials on our website to increase the influence of the worldwide sarcoma awareness week. By the end of this month, about 250 other persons had seen the information on our website and interacted with us. About 200 patients wrote their questions on the site to seek help. We answered their questions, and they were very satisfied with the information. We also received about 55 letters asking for help (by mail or e-mail) from other provinces.

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